Community Development

Community Development Director

Ed Courton is under the supervision of the City Administrator, the Community Development Director is responsible for planning, directing, managing, and overseeing the activities and operations of the Community Development Department, including the Land Development, Comprehensive Planning, Zoning, Building, Code divisions, and Economic Development activities and programs of the City. 

The Director coordinates assigned activities with other City departments and outside agencies, and provides highly responsible and complex administrative support to the City Administrator, including conducting special projects directly assigned by the City Administrator.


Economic Incentives provided by the City:

  • Building Facade and Mural Grant Program - The goal of this Program is to promote and encourage the rehabilitation of commercial building facades within the downtown area of the community. Through the facade program, Baldwin City will provide financial assistance, in the form of a 50/50 matching grant, to businesses and property owners for commercial building facade improvement projects. The maximum grant award available is $5,000. The mural program is slightly different and can provide a maximum grant of $5,000. (To obtain an application, please contact Ed Courton, Community Development Director at 785-594-6427. He can assist you on filling out the application and explaining the approval process)
  • Building Permit Fee Reduction - (one-half of total building permit fee for residential)
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Program - (adopted in 2017)
  • No Charge for Electrical Labor - materials and equipment paid by proponent
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • CID/TDD TIF Districts


The City recently adopted a Neighborhood Revitalization Program consistent with the State of Kansas Neighborhood Revitalization Act.

Codes Administrator

Ken Hoffman is the Codes Administrator and Ken addressees all building-related activities, including inspections.

Areas of Focus:

Building and Construction Inspections:

  • Building Inspection
  • Building Permits
  • Construction Inspection
  • Life-Safety /Business Inspection
  • Plan Review

Property Maintenance:

  • Code Enforcement
  • Complaints/Concerns
  • Nuisance Abatement
  • Ordinance Complaince
  • Property Clean-up Concerns
  • Weed/Vegatation Complaints

Call 785-594-6907 to schedule an inspection or to inquiry if an inspection is necessary, as part of the development project. 

Please note: A minimum 24-hour notice is required for most inspections. 

If you have any further questions regarding an inspection, please call 785-594-6907.