Reporting a Problem


For emergency situations such accidents or downed power lines, please call 911 immediately.

To report a suspected problem, call Public Works at 785-594-6907.


To repair main breaks, the city crews will need to shut down the water system in the area of the break. Water systems are under pressure, and can not be repaired while water is running through them. Normally, the repairs are made within a few hours, but complicated repairs can take several hours before the system returns to normal.

If, after a repair, your water is discolored, do not be alarmed, as main breaks often stir the mineral deposits that coat water lines. Just allow the water to run for a few minutes, and it should clear and be safe to drink.

Possible Leak in Your Home

The City of Baldwin City Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the line leading to your home or business’s meter, and maintaining the meter itself. You, the property owner, are responsible for maintaining the service line from the meter to your building and the plumbing within your building.

If the suspected leak is determined to be either in your service line or in your building, you will need to call a local plumber or fix the problem yourself. Leaking toilets are sometimes the cause for unexplained water usage. Fixing Leaky Toilets is a good article on how to fix the problems yourself.