Historic Bauer Building Project

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The Bauer Building Advisory Group, appointed by the mayor, has been meeting regularly since December of 2019 to determine how to handle the building donation in a responsible way that makes sense for Baldwin City citizens.

The Advisory Group currently consists of these citizens, as well as city staff and the mayor:

  • Susan Pitts, city councilmember
  • Cory Venable, city councilmember
  • Casey Wright
  • Arlena McLaren
  • Darrell Bauersox
  • Kassadie Burton
  • Matt McClure


Tuesday, December 15th, the Advisory Group will present their work to the City Council at the regular Council Meeting - 7pm at the Baldwin City Library. Council Meetings are typically live-streamed.


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    We’ve heard a lot of questions over the past few months regarding the proposed donation of the old USD 348 gymnasium located at 712 Chapel Street. Here are some of the questions that have come up, and answers to the best of our ability. Read on...
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