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Posted on: January 7, 2020

Trash Talk

Trash Announcement-2

We know 6:30am is very early, and we’ve heard a lot of concerns about the new Ottawa Sanitation requirement for trash and recycling.  We’ve been fielding a lot of questions at City Hall. 

Here’s an honest and open attempt to answer as many questions as we can in this format.

Q: Why is Ottawa Sanitation requiring Baldwin City citizens to have trash and recycling out by 6:30am?

    A: They have a new vendor who is requiring them to have all trucks back at the transfer station by 4pm, so they need to start collecting trash earlier.

Q: Can't the city just tell them that’s too early?

    A: We really can’t, because Ottawa Sanitation is a private company that has a franchise agreement with the city. Mainly, that means we get lower monthly prices for our citizens, but we don’t get a say in how they do business.

Q: Why doesn’t the city seek out a new provider?

    A: The franchise agreement remains in effect until 2022, at which time the City Council may choose to put out a Request for Proposal and decide if they want to keep the same franchisee or switch to a different service provider.

Q: Who do I contact to talk about my concerns?

    A: You’re always welcome to call City Hall. We’ll do the best we can to answer your questions and pass on concerns, but please know that we are the middle man. If you have logistical concerns, please contact Ottawa Sanitation directly at  (785) 242-3227.

Q: How about if I burn my trash?

    A: Within city limits, you are not allowed to burn solid waste and are required to have a solid waste provider, which is why it’s part of your utility bill.

Q: Does everyone know about this?

    A: Not yet. We’re doing the best we can to disseminate the news through as many venues as possible, but good communication takes time. Please be a good neighbor and let anyone know that may need a heads up.

Q: What are some things I can do to keep animals out of the trash overnight?

A: Be sure to keep trash in a lidded bin. If you still have issues, consider using a bungee strap across the lid.

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