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Posted on: August 5, 2020

Music Survey Results

downtown fountain view

Thank you for participating and giving feedback. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

Based on the results of the survey, it was stated at council meeting August 4, 2020 (around 49:00) the music hours will be modified as follows:

Monday-Thursday, 3-6pm

Friday, 12-8pm

Saturday, 1-8pm

By the numbers

160 total survey responses

  • 147 said they lived or worked in Baldwin
  • 13 said they did not live or work in Baldwin

Hours per week responses

  • 40 or more = 40 (25%)
  • 20-40 = 31 (19.4%)
  • 10-20 = 36 (22.5%)
  • 10 or less = 48 (30%)

Hours preferred

64 = Current hours (M-Th 10am-6pm; F 10am-8pm; Sat 12pm-8pm)

11 = Dinner hour (M-Sat 4pm-7pm)

17 = Lunch hour (M-Sat 11am-1pm)

23 = Friday all day

27 = some combination of dinner + lunch + Friday

Long form comments

Note: These are unedited and exactly as submitted.

  • Love the downtown music!!!
  • I love it! It adds to the small tow charm!
  • Thank you got seeming feedback - I know someone personally who lives downtown and needs a break from hearing constant music - especially because she works from home.
  • I think it’s wonderful!!
  • Only use during special events.  It is tacky and annoying.  Downtown should be a quiet place to meet and shop.  The only other shopping areas are off a busy road.
  • In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind it from 7am to sunset everyday, but we also need more reason for people to come downtown, especially in the evenings and weekends. A good mix of music is enjoyable while on a nice evening stroll, especially if there is window shopping that can be done.
  • Your survey should include input on the playlist. If it’s music I like, I want more. If it’s music I don’t like, I want less.  
  • Early mornings and evening hours are quiet, reflecting times, I feel and should not be cluttered with music. 
  • People with hearing aids Will probably consider this just added noise. It’s hard enough to hear important things without added”background “noise
  • Love it! 
  • Love having music downtown! Keeps it from feeling ghostly when there is no one out. I know this isn’t about taste but just please don’t keep it on oldies or country all the time :) 
  • I live 3 blocks from downtown so I can’t hear it from my house, but I like hearing it when I walk downtown to run errands. I understand how people who live on 8th or High would get sick of listening to the music all day every day.
  • I like the music playing downtown. 
  • Keep up the good work! 
  • Play it 10am-9pm everyday! We have businesses open till 9 and people wandering and walking through there all the time.
  • No hours at all would be preferable. Live music downtown is much preferable. It inevitably sounds like muzak whatever genre it is when done in the way it is done and ruins the charm of downtown. Sincerely, a young parent
  • I prefer no music at all. If the fountain is running, the sound of the water flowing is very nice, but it is drowned out by music blaring over the loudspeakers. I used to enjoy quiet, tranquil walks downtown, but now I find the music very distracting and incongruous with the peaceful character of Baldwin City. If you are bound and determined to play music despite anyone’s objection, then I would prefer the lunch hour because that is when I would be least likely to encounter it.
  • I love it. It makes me smile when I go downtown for errands or appointments. 
  • Love the music.  Very unique.  Keep as is.
  • I work downtown. I loved when the music played Fridays only. It signifies that the weekend was here. I have a few friends who live within listening  distance of  the speakers. Especially in consideration of them, I hope you limit music to Fridays and special events. It seems so clear that we would take those living down there and affected by the noise into our first consideration. Pretty simple stuff! 
  • I love the downtown music!!! 
  • Honestly, I don’t think there should be any music at all.  Downtown is much more pleasant without it.
  • Love it!!
  • I love the spirit behind having the music and the intent—to create a festive atmosphere. However, when the music is on all the time it can become irritating rather than festive. It’s better to keep it special and celebratory by having it only on Fridays. If it’s on every day it means it’s more likely to be tuned out or feel intrusive. Thanks for asking for feedback. 
  • We live in rural Baldwin City, but walk our dog in town every evening. We love the music - it’s a nice touch to have for a relaxing walk around town. 
  • Keep it up! 
  • We like it a lot. Thanks
  • I would prefer all day Friday and all day Saturday only.
  • It would be great if the music selection included more instrumental/atmospheric music that didn’t just sound like someone’s car radio is turned up to loud. I like the idea of adding ambience downtown, but the current music is often just distracting, like when people drive down the road with their radio up so everyone can hear it. 
  • I love that you’re surveying!  
  • I love the music. It is part of what makes downtown Baldwin City unique, adds a little flair and fun to the environment, and it’s never been able to taste in my mind. I would even consider extending it until 7 PM on weekdays.
  • The music makes our city more welcoming to visitors.
  • It’s one of my favorite things about Baldwin!! The music makes the town special! Keep it going!! 
  • Keep in mind those who also live downtown.  
  • I do hope the council considers that people who do not actually spend more than 10 hours a week downtown will not understand the stress constant music puts on the residents there. If those who vote for more hours per week are okay with someone placing a speaker in their yard and playing music which they have no choice over, perhaps we should put speakers up all over town.
  • I think it’s makes Fridays better.  Having it all week takes away from the fun and bonus happiness effects.  The all well concept was good on paper but after experiencing it, I became against it pretty quickly 
  • Maybe accommodate neighbors who live near a downtown speaker by either removing/moving an individual speaker or wiring speaker with individual volume controls.
  • It always makes me smile when I go downtown and music is playing. It is such a fun part of Baldwin’s character. 
  • Sunday night blues music would be fun!
  • While this wasn’t an option, for the sanity of the people living nearby, why not just Friday and Saturday from 4 to 7?
  • noise polution.  I would like music only at special events.
  • no music except at special events
  • no music. Noise polution
  • I would also think you could add the Saturday hours in addition to lunch and dinner hours. That might be more of a compromise. Please be considerate to those that live downtown and have no choice but to have it playing all of the time. If they work from home, the constant music would be difficult to handle, especially if it’s not a type of music they like.  The music is nice when in the area for a short time. But having no choice but to listen to it so many hours of the day in your own home would make me have to move if I lived there. Please be considerate of those living there if you want people living downtown.
  • The speaker by 6th and High usually doesn’t work… so I can’t hear it anyway. Also wondering why this wasn’t sent out with the utility bill like the flag option was….???
  • If the people who live and work downtown are telling you it is disruptive then turn it off. They are only asking for you to return it to Friday’s and special events. I feel like that is a reasonable ask. It shouldn’t be a survey. It’s called being good humans and doing the right thing. You are clearly not taking the people who live downtown into account when you are blaring it at all hours of the day. 
  • I love the music!  It’s one of the things that makes Baldwin special!
  • Maybe consider doing it one Friday out of the month, for special events and holidays. There are many who live, work, play, and patronize the downtown area that find the music bothersome when played too much and too often; also it can serve as a distraction for motorists and pedestrians as well as those trying to conduct business.. It’s a nice touch on occasion but played too often it can be an annoyance and a hindrance.
  • only on Fri and Sat pm
  • This is so thoughtful to create a survey! The music choice has been really on point too, but all day everyday feels like kind of a lot. Especially for residents of the downtown area. If people want to play their own music through their phones, like I do sometimes when I’m walking, it’s nice to have no noise competition. Thank you for your service to our community; stay safe!
  • It should be played during special events only.
  • I love the music but realize not everyone does.   It’s fun to have it on Fridays as we welcome the weekend.   Could we have it playing only in the new park area by the post office the rest of the week… as a compromise?
  • Friday, 5p-8 or 9p, and like the lunch hour ideas on the weekends
  • The music my absolute favorite thing about downtown. We frequent often with the little children and it’s nice 
  • I think it’s fun but I feel for the people who live within range of the music and have to hear it every day, I wouldn’t appreciate that
  • I love music! My whole life I have been surrounded by musicians. We all have varying tastes. We all have varying lifestyles and schedules. I would hate to be subjected to listening to music in my own home all the time without being able to control the volume or duration. Friday music downtown is something that most of us who live in town seem to appreciate. Anything more seems excessive and disrespectful to our neighbors who live downtown. 
  • Enjoy the music when we are downtown,
  • Friday vibe is fun.  Nature sounds are nice, too. I prefer one day a week as a special occasion and not drowning out the sounds of nature every day of the week. 
  • Would be nice if the Music was a little more mellow and consistent during the work week. Maybe pick up the pace of the genre, keeping it consistent and not all over the board, on the weekend and evenings. 
  • I think that it should be weekends so maybe Saturdays part of the day too. 
  • Friday and Saturday from 4-7 would be fine.
  • I think it is great and fairly unique to our town.
  • I always wondered why.  Just background noise to me, and now I know it is very annoying to some friends….so if you must do it, shorten the times and days please.
  • I think that the playing of music brings quite a bit of charm to our community. I have had visitors over the years living how remarkable it is. That we as a town do this.
  • Depending on where music is located (one location, such as Sullivan Square, or throughout downtown) - either 10-20 hours/week or 10 or less. Again, which hours depends on if music is just at Sullivan Square or throughout downtown. Music without advertising would be great in downtown Baldwin City if done respectfully to citizens who live in the downtown area. I’m all for music afternoons or over lunch in Sullivan Square either every day M-F or just reserved for Fridays afternoon and evenings  throughout downtown - to feel like a special “TGIF”. I think if stakeholders were brought together to explore programming events in Sullivan Square could be held in conjunction with “music days.” The Lumberyard Arts Center is planning to showcase live local music as alternative, such as Live on High evenings…love to work together to get the music going in a direction the folks living downtown support.
  • The music is fine either way,  wush simething could be done about the “Bass” music coming from a restaurant on 8th st.  I can hear it a block away in my house (the bass part) with my doors and windows shut and the ac on.  prefer the city had invested in free internet downtown.
  • Please stick to mellow older music that appeals to most.  Prefer no country or hard rock., How about just weekends— Thursday to Saturday, late afternoon to 8 pm?  More to announce the weekend and promote relaxing.  Also like the idea of music projected from the restaurant/bar area, away from the quieter main corner.

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