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Posted on: August 19, 2020

Results: 1st Community Center Survey

Community Center Survey1

There were 281 responses total, with over 200 long form responses.

As always, thank you for caring so much about your community.

What are your thoughts about the idea of a community center?

Note: These responses were pasted exactly as submitted. They have not been edited.

* Should be a center that has multiple uses for multiple age groups.  Please do thorough research on how the old gymnasium could meet the needs of the community before pouring a million dollars into the project.

* I think a smaller community center would be great for BC with movable walls that could be used to create smaller rooms for meetings, family events such as showers, birthday & anniversary parties. Businesses could host meetings.  It would need a to have a kitchen and maybe a courtyard or patio with a few tables. 

* I would need more information about what a community center would have for patrons. 

* I would love to see a community center in Baldwin.  I think it would be beneficial for people of all ages.  It would be nice to have a place that younger kids can play and older adults can gather.  I’m not sure exactly how the place would be staffed, but I heard it might be the new home office for the recreation commission.  That would make sense.

* We live in Lawrence but in the Baldwin school district. I’d love access to a Baldwin Community Center, especially if it offered a gym and indoor pool!

* We have needed one for years!!

* It would be a great addition to our little town😊

* Love this idea. Would be great if an indoor pool was included.

* I would love this! Somewhere safe for my kids to go and for us to go 

* I think the community needs it, but not in the old schoolhouse. It would be a money pit to renovate. It would more economical for us to tackle a purpose built facility. I would like to see Baker and Baldwin collaborate in planning and funding on such a facility.

* I think a free or very affordable community center would be a great addition. I do not agree with building one that will have a monthly fee unless it is extremely affordable. Not all families in town have extra funds, especially in this pandemic, and I believe the evidence would show if you chose to charge a monthly fee, like gyms, etc. 

* We really need more activities for our kids to be involved in. We need supervised places they can go to stay out of trouble. If a community center would help with these items, I feel it’s very necessary for this community. 

* It is long overdue. Get it done!

* Please use the old Jr. High Gym, great structure

* Meh….do t see that we need one. It can’t offer more than school facilities which have always been used by rec commission.

* I would support a community center but, only a new one. No refurbished buildings. 

* Yes, because there are not a lot of indoor activity spaces available in Baldwin.  I think it would be nice if there were space for multi-generational interaction (or at least visibilty).

* A place for the community and community groups to meet for events, meetings and special celebrations. A place for kids who to hang out safely, and a gathering place for senior citizens.

* It needs to have an indoor lap swimming pool

* Yes, funded through private donations and membership fees. Not taxes.

* Yes, a community center would be a great asset to our community. Having an indoor court for use in the winter months would be great for young and old alike. I’m sure it would be utilized around the clock for various sports, activities and special events. 

* I would like something similar (but scaled down) to what Lawrence has for their residents of Douglas county.  An indoor gym with exercise equipment.  plus rooms to use for yoga, tai chi, and other exercise or community minded events/clubs.  Not sure the staffing needs, if at all.  Should offer classes free or at a reasonable fee for all ages, not just seniors/kids.  We all need to get healthy.

* Track,weight room, in door pool ,lockers and meeting rooms set up for internet

* I think it’s a great idea. The community needs more places to have events. Would be a great investment for the city too.

* I think it would be a great idea for the kids in the community, possibly more things to do

* I think it would be great

* I would love to have a community gym, fitness center and indoor pool for year round exercise that is family friendly.

* I would love to see a community center and greatly appreciate this opportunity to weigh in on one!

* I would love to see a center, that could benefit all ages! Maybe offer fitness classes, have a bowling alley or a game room of sorts…possibly even a room for movies with a movie screen?

* Our community is in need of some common spaces, what better than you utilize an existing building filled with such great community history! 

* I love the idea of having a community center! It’s nice to have a designated facility for community events and activities to bring people together.

* I do but I’m not sure how much it would get used during this COVID time. I would definitely use it a little further out in the future 

* We had an opportunity in the late ‘90’s to have a community center. The town voted in favor but the city council overturned. I was in favor then and continue to be in favor. A public place for all ages to have meetings, groups, events would bring opportunity to all citizens. It would be wonderful to have some recreational/athletic facilities as a part. The original plan had an indoor/outdoor pool which would have been exceptional for the community but not sure the proposed space is conducive which is a shame. As I go to Rock Chalk now, it makes me sad to think Baldwin and Baker has an opportunity for a smaller scale of the park but one that would have brought more benefits than the ‘96 sitting city council could fathom. Due whatever you can to bring opportunities for this community to work, play and communicate.

* It will be like the golf course. Huge cost for everyone and only use by 5% of the population.

* Great addition to a wonderful town. It would be great if the city could afford it, to include a competition pool and diving well like Gladstone, Missouri has. This would benefit not only Baldwin but all the smaller towns around.

* I would like to see it. If for no other reason. The teens in this town would have somewhere to go and something to do 

* Good idea. Just to many things being out into a run down building.

* If the community center is actually a community center and not a Rec Center then I think the building has possibilities. Too small for a Rec Center to have multiple activities going on at the same time. Concerned about adequate parking. Concerned about funding.  How does this fit in with the city’s plan to address the needs of the community? Wants vs needs. Intellect vs emotional decision-making concern. 

* This is an amazing idea for our community. I have a 6th grade son who plays multiple sports and he would benefit from having something so close to home.

* Having a place for indoor activities (assumption Covid is under control) would be a wonderful asset to Baldwin not only for youth, but especially for senior citizens who want to walk or participate in physical movement when it’s too hot or too cold/icy, etc.  I don’t think our community can support an indoor pool and the taxation along with long term maintenance required, just a place to feel safe doing things alone or together with small groups. It would need to be open enough hours to allow full use, for example 5am to 8 or 9pm. Great asset if Baldwin would like to advertise being a “small town retirement community”.

* I think a community center is a great idea. I would mostly use it in the summer as I live in Lawrence and teach in Baldwin. 

* I think it would be great for my kids to socialize and burn off energy. 

* Think it’s a Great Idea!

* It would be a much needed addition to Baldwin! 

* I think this is a wonderful idea and a great way to bring people together. I think it would also bring more jobs here depending on what you decide to do with the center. Swimming lessons, art shows, basketball, volleyball, playground or indoor playgrounds would be amazing. 

* Every community should have a community center. Every. Single. One! 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 

* I think it’s a great idea. I would like to see a gym for working out, not another basketball gym. I would also like to see free activity area for kids, as well as teens.

* I would love a community center! We spend a lot of time at the splash pad and would love indoor activities!

* I think it would be an awesome idea! There never is a gym open to shoot hoops! It would create job opportunities for our small town! 

* Love it! 

* Indoor courts or swimming pool would be perfect

* I feel if we do get a community center that it should be geared toward 8-18 years old. A place they can go and hang out play basketball etc. Also it needs to have other games pool table, air hockey etc. There is nothing for the kids to do that is fun all year around.

* I think a community center would be great for our town…indoor activities, games, available exercise equipment, and space to rent out for small events! 

* A community center would be a much needed addition to our community. Community based programs for all ages would have a permanent home. Depending on activities it may improve inter generational relationships, provide a place for youth to gather and provide a exercise location during cold and hot weather. 

* I think a community center is a great idea. An indoor walking space & indoor aquatic area would be awesome. Pickle ball court. Childcare/before/after school care. 

* I think we need a community center. I do not think we need one as big and fancy as they proposed a few years back. 

* You chose a building that needs hundreds of thousands of dollars of renovation, has no parking and has a 1/3 of the necessary space required for a community center for our current and future demographics.  The building hasn’t even had the basic barrier-free transition required by the ADA.  This would be a waste of space as well as utilities spent not even mentioning the overhead to staff.  Spaces like this are used well by communities that qualify for a CDBG KanStep program, but Baldwin City couldn’t meet the minimum requirements.  The low tax base and rooftops in Baldwin City doesn’t justify this backwards approach to getting a community center.  Please do not waste our community’s money on this building.

* I think it would be a huge asset to the community. 

* To be honest, I expected there to be more to this than “hey, what about a community center?”.  I think a community center would be a great asset to our town, but I don’t know how much utility the old gymnasium would serve as a community center. With ADA compliant restrooms, and assuming you leave the gym surface “as is”, how much more space is left? Are there some plans or options being considered for community members to give feedback on? Are there community members serving on a committee considering plans who we can talk to and learn more?

Thank you for allowing for community comments, and for continuing to try to bring a community center to our town. I look forward to hearing more specifics soon. 

* I think a community center would be a positive addition to the community. 

* I think a community center would be an excellent addition to the community. Baldwin needs this resource. 

* I think it would be a great option for bringing more sports and activities

* Whatever is decided on needs to be practical and affordable for our community. I’m fine with laying a small monthly or yearly fee, doing a punch card, or paying for classes. I’d like to see workout equipment, a community room to rent for birthday parties or small events, or a room for a variety of classes for children and adults. A basketball court and with an option for volleyball would be beneficial as well. I would not like an indoor pool - it seems unreasonable for the space and would not get as much use as other physical activities. 

* Where are you going to get money for this? We only have a property tax based budget. If we had more businesses that would provide sales tax and income tax to the city’s budget? Maybe… you cannot grow a city with a property tax base. Maybe you can afford to pay more but there are many who can’t. Almost half my house payment goes to property tax. Do you really think that is fair? If Baldwin keeps building above it’s income you will bankrupt the town. Or it’s citizens will have to move because they can’t afford property taxes. Stop trying to compete with Johnson county! We don’t have the tax base!!!!

* I think it’s a great idea. To bring the community together. Great for all ages, and for families, gatherings etc. 

* I do not think it is a good idea. I believe it is just another way to spend huge money and up our property taxes. We do not have the community base needed in order to support this. Another concern is how much would we have to pay to ever use it even though we will be paying for it in the first place. Many of us property owners have noticed a lot of people moving out of town because of all this excessive building, unwise spending and property tax hikes. It is becoming to expensive to live here. We are a small town not a large city in KC metropolitan area.  Our people in this town can not handle any more raises in property taxes. 

* It would be a great addition to our community and provide so much for not only adults but to our youth too!

* Yes, I would love to see a community center and/or a YMCA. Our town can support something like this

* I think it’s a great option for everyone, but especially our communities children.  

* I think it’s a bad idea until after the pandemic is over.

* Increase taxes too much. I’d rather have decent sidewalks and a dog park.

I think it is a great idea,another place to workout,more things for kids to do,rental space etc.

* Bad idea. 

* I think Baldwin could use a building that would provide some indoor spaces for activities.

* There is no place to go to workout in town unless you want to buy a gym membership, there’s no place for kids to meet at and have dances besides the schools, we need a place where the whole community can gather together. 

* I think it’s a great idea

* It’s probably good for the community. But it’s not something I’d ever use. 

* I think it would be great for kids and hopefully keep the younger ones off streets where there are so many drugs. There are too many youth in this town on drugs or smoking at young ages.

* I think it is a great asset to the city if it is done properly and financially masks sense 

* Would use if it has an indoor pool.

* A good idea that needs to be privately funded or not until current bonds are paid. I will not support another tax hike in an already overtaxed situation living in BC and Dg County. 

* We live in rural Baldwin. I think it would be fabulous for the community to have a community center. 

* Depending on what’s in it, I think it’d be great

* Awesome 👍😎😗🆒

* We have a building, with some needed renovation, that means alot to some of the community. I’d like to see it used instead of another building being built.

* What is a community center?  

Who will manage and maintain the center?

How will the center be funded?

Are there grant opportunities to fund the community center?

What’s the difference between a community center and recreation center? 

How does the Recreation Commission feel about this project?

What is pickleball? 

* I think a community center is a good idea.  I want to save the old gym and keep it in use for the public.

* I don’t think the timing is right to assess additional taxes in order to provide a community center.  That is not being responsible to the citizens who must pay these taxes.  The pandemic has already caused economic hardships for many of our neighbors. This would be an unnecessary expense at this time. 

* Would be great if self-sustaining. 

* I am not sure whether our family would or would not use a community center in Baldwin since we live in the district but are fifteen minutes away from Baldwin. I do think others would, though. 

* It’s a nice town, a CC would allow get-togethers, etc…I have played several concerts / dances at CCs…. a nice place for a community! 

* I would need to know a great deal more about what you would consider a Community Center would offer to truly know if it is something I would use. 

* I think this is great as long as its free for residents to use. There could be a gym with work out machines and an area for meetings and parties. 

* I don’t think there is enough tax base for this. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. 

* I can’t answer questions until I know if their are any other options for that property.  Maybe you should include that question.  What ammenities would a community center have, number of people allowed, kitchen, tables & chairs, the stage for music, etc? 

* I need more information to see if a community center is needed.  We have the Library, Golf Building, Am. Legion, all free, and LAC which has a charge.

    1.  Are there other options for that building.  

    2. What would be the occupancy?

    3.  Would there be a kitchen?

    4.  What would be the charge for use?

    5.  Would there be tables and chairs? 

    6.  Would parking in the back be available?

* A community center in the old high school gym/auditorium might be as good a use for the building as any, but there is very little parking at the site as dictated by city zoning regulations.

* It’s hard to say because I’m not sure what the community center plans are. How do I know if I’d use it if I don’t know what it does? What resources would it offer? Could it be more of a museum with meeting or event areas? Or is it a basketball court? Whatever you are proposing it feels really important that you work with others in the community so you don’t duplicate services. It also seems most important that you take care of the community’s existing assets first. Is there really enough funding to start something new? Why not invest in the library or existing parks instead?

* There’s not a ton to do here in Baldwin and a community center would provide so many recreational opportunities to bring the community, youth & families together.  Love the idea of having location available to use for various events like meetings, vendor events, etc.

* Yes. Provide a place for groups and classes, meetings. Needs a full sized kitchen and easy to set up tables and chairs.

* I think the city should spend money on what they already have first, before starting something new.  Invest in the existing parks, the library, or maintaining streets and sidewalks.  There are significant needs in those areas before starting something new. 

* I think every city needs a community center. Families need things to do in there community. I think it would help kids keep busy & stay out of trouble. I am 100% in favor of a community center in Baldwin

* I have lived in Baldwin City a decade now and have watched this debate play out several times. I am in favor of a community center and think we need to make it happen first, rather than wait for growth/tax base to support it. The amenities drive the growth. Public financing in a community this size is a challenge, and a no-tax mindset is hard to offset. I appreciate you keeping this warm.

* I think a community center is good in theory, but I can see where this would also be a difficult project for some citizens to go along with.  Take for example, the sidewalk project.  How many people have we had up in arms over adding sidewalks to our community.  Sidewalks are important to infrastructure and make our community safer as a whole by providing a safe mode of transportation for everyone including children, disabled, elderly, and everyone in between.  Could you image not having had the grant money to do these sidewalks, but instead raised taxes?  Many would have lost their minds.  Especially because several people see these improvements as punishments to them if they are directly affected by the route.

The Community Center building, while I’m sure is a historical building that means a lot to some, looks from the outside, like a very expensive renovation project that will have a price tag too steep for our small community.  Depending on what amenities the Community Center will include, don’t you think some businesses would consider this a punishment/competition if the City opens a free-to-residents or lower-cost-to-residents option for things like a gym with fitness equipment?

Everyone just got their utility bills and are screaming about how expensive it’s become to live in this town (honestly, since moving here about 5 years ago, our utility bill has doubled).  Raising property taxes or increasing sales tax to fund a community building is not something I would think the people of Baldwin are in to right now.  Especially with the pandemic.  Businesses are suffering and trying hard to stay open, people are suffering anyway with the cost of living and volatility of some of their jobs right now.  Schools are trying to start and we all know there is struggle there.  And we have no idea what will happen in the next few months.

So long story short, my initial reaction to a community building is, not right now.

* The city has other places that can be used such as churches, and organizations with resources.   Let’s put some money back into our streets and build more sidewalks. 

* We don’t need to spend any more money on items that benefit just a few people.  

* I feel that every small town has some sort of indoor recreational space for their community members. 

* I think a community center is a great idea. I have always wished there was one here. I thinks adults/ children would use it often and people would support it.

* I think its a wonderful idea. Kids need somewhere to be able to interact with other, all while having fun. My go-to place was the skating rink! 

* It would be a good place to work out, or have adult sports

* Always good to have a location for events/activities (school locations always in use) - possibly a small cost to rent the facilities, could help absorb the overall cost.

* I would like to see a community recreation/center that had opportunities for everyone.  I would also like to see a possible indoor swimming facility.  

I think the community center is a wonderful idea for our community. I personally love doing things with my children, and having it close to home would be even better! This could be a great piece of our community. 

I think its a wonderful idea especially for the kiddos

* Would love it, specially if it had a pool indoors. And more stuff for kids to do 

* Yes I would love a community center to be able to do family things and a place for the kids to do activities. An indoor pool would be a bonus but I know that’s a stretch.

* I think a community center is a must have for BC. I’m not sure the proposed site is large enough for what I feel is needed.  I feel like an indoor track, weight room, 2 basketball courts, indoor pool, Community room, etc. are key stakeholders in a successful community center.

* I would support it as a stand-alone project. I would not support any attempt to link it to other ‘improvements’ in town. Let the community vote on this idea on its own.

* Don’t raise my taxes. The cost of living is high enough. Right now is not a good time anyway due to social distancing. There is already plenty of things to do in our area. Do NOT raise my taxes. 

* If we can have a safe place for teens to hang out after school, I’m all for it!

* Not needed.  Too much money.  Spend your money on things more productive.  

* More space for the community to interact and engage in positive activities should always be a priority for an amazing city like Baldwin.

* Yes I think it is a good idea

* I likely would not use it given commute distance and other resources available.  Taxes already seem to grow exponentially each year.  I moved to Baldwin for the small town atmosphere.  If I wanted every government service available, walking paths, rec/community centers, I would have lived in Lawrence/Ottawa/Gardner.

* I think it would be good for the city to have an indoor center for community activities, events, and revenue from renting out for private events. An outdoor area is nice, but an indoor area is much more functional and a better investment.

* It could be utilized in several ways throughout the year, for several age groups and would definitely bring people together in the community!

* I think it’s important to not compete with Baldwin city fitness so it there are fees to join that should be taken into consideration 

* I think its a good idea. it will hopefully give kids/teens somewhere to go for fun.  I would be concerned about how much my taxes would be raised

* Indoor space for exercise would be appreciated.

* we need something more in town. Plus during maple leaf the city can rent it out for booths and make some money.

* Depends on what is in it

* I am unable to answer whether our family would use a community center, because our use would be greatly influenced by the cost to use the center.  As previously proposed, a family’s cost of $60 per month to use the center would be cost prohibitive for us, as well as many other families that I know.  While I understand that a community center could be a good thing for us, if the cost to use it is based on a monthly fee, it may exclude many members of our community.  Simply put, if we are not able to afford a community center through our normal budget, WITHOUT raising taxes or imposing a monthly/per use fee, then it would not be financially responsible to open a community center.  At this time, I do NOT support renovating the old gym or opening a community center.

* That we could have access to the center on a regular basis and that residents have an input on what facilities would be available at the center.

* I love the idea of a community center.  We don’t live in Baldwin directly,  but with both our children in the HS we are there a lot.  It is also closer for us than Eudora and definetly Lawrence.  That gym would be put to great use!

* I love the idea of a community center for our town.  Much like the upgrades next to the Lumberyard Arts center, it is going to make a bunch of people mad about spending money, but they will use and love the results.  I hope the historic gym can be saved and used for it. 

* The timing is horrible for this proposition.  No different than the last time this was proposed as a new building.  The taxes and utilities in this town are already at an all time high and just keep going up.  Yet, the services are less and less it seems.  While a rec center would be a nice addition in the future it would put other current businesses into even more financial hardships.  It would be nice to see what the “program” would be for a facility before  a survey was just sent out and you were seeking input from the General public.  What kind of amenities would there be in this facility? I don’t see an end to the pandemic occurring before summer of 2021 if we are at all lucky to have a vaccine by then with some proven results that it is indeed working.  It is a wonderful building to have here in town and hopefully it will be restored and given some love in the future but it is too soon for a community center. Micheal Nichols, 1018 8th Street

* What a great, safe place for our youth (specifically Middle school and high school aged kids) to be able to hang out! Great space in the colder months to be able to get kids out to run and play off some energy! Love the idea!

* I’m not sure that it’s the best idea since the use of weight rooms and tracks, etc are already able to be used around town…because of COVID, in my opinion not many people would use it and if they did, not sure they would use it correctly 

* Love it! It would be a great resource for the community. 

* Baldwin needs some place with activities year round kids and families 

* I would not be in favor of a community center if it meant that our taxes would be increased to fund it.  I feel there are enough recreation options in our town already.  Although I do not live in the city limits or have a Baldwin address, our family resides in the Baldwin school district, and consider ourselves to be a part of the Baldwin community, so I appreciate my thoughts being considered.  

* I answered “no” to the question above about whether we would use a community center because there was not a “maybe” option. It would depend on what the community center would entail. I also would not be comfortable expressing support until I had an understanding for how it would be paid for. I want to do a better job about qualifying my support for projects without knowing how they are proposed to be funded. I have supported and written letter is support for the sidewalk project, and though I truly believe sidewalks are still a good thing and am appreciative of the work so many have done on citizens’ behalf, I didn’t pay enough attention to the details before lending my support. The destruction of mature trees is unacceptable to me and I regret that I didn’t see that in the plans. In other towns, they make plans for sidewalks to go around mature trees, and that was not done in our plans. O lenses support for something that I didn’t do enough homework on, and that is no one’s fault but my own. I won’t make that mistake again and will do better in my own process, so to be consistent with that, I will not voice support for a community center until I have had an opportunity to learn more about how the City plans to use tax dollars to establish and maintain it. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback, and thank you for the work you all do!

* I love it and have wondered why we don’t already have one.

* It truly depends on what it will be available for. And my biggest concern at this time is funding/tax increases to my household.

* If it was a workout/gym facility like Rock Chalk Park that would be great. Indoor courts, racketball, a way for adults and kids to exercise when outdoor weather is not permitting.

* It depends on what it offers and what is included.

* I think that It would be an amazing thing. There are lots of family’s that could benefit from it. It’s a another great way to bring the community. My only concern would depend on how much it would rasie taxes. 

* If taxes are going to pay for it. There should not be any membership fees. If you have to pay to go there. Then my answer is NO WAY!!!!!!!

* This survey doesn’t identify what is meant by a “community center” and what the intended purpose/function would be. There are many different uses for centers like this…..everything from political/civic functions to local clubs to religious organizations. We have a lot of spaces like this already available for those uses - they are just not city-owned. A center like this typically only benefits a small percentage of the community - there are far more important needs to address in our community.

* I believe it would be a great addition to the community, and could meet many needs.

* Would like to see  some indoor sports and general exercise space.  My children, when they were younger, enjoyed climbing on the wrestling mats.

* I would love an area that are family friendly. Rock climbing, pickle ball court, community video game room (sounds ridiculous I know, but it would be awesome to get the gaming age kids physically together to play- could be a if I’ve games like a wii or just dance) something unique. Not a typical “gym”

* I think would be a great addition to baldwin. It would give the kids too old for playing at the park something to do.

* Yes it’s a good idea, kids need some place to go. Would like to see different classes offered as well, dance, tumbling ECT.

* I think it’s a great idea! When I was a kid they held Friday night out I loved going and I know my parents loved the break and knowing I was safe! Something like that would be very useful! Also a place to go play games after school in the winter to be able to get energy out would be wonderful! 

* I think it’d be great to have a place our children can go to be active and spend time together.  There really isn’t any place for them to go currently.

* I think it would be a great, and safe, spot for kids to gather and different activities 

* As I fill the out, I have been reading comments about how citizens thing there utility bills our very high. Your home and business real estate tax will increase this year. ( this is because the county valuation of your property went up - even if the claims that the mill levy stayed the same as last year!)

Most people do not realize if a grant for a project is received, the city still is obligated to have some matching funds  which come from either taxes we pay or utilities we use.  No, we can not afford this center. It is not only the cost of the building but who is going to be paying the upkeep and utility cost. Again these cost will revert to us property owners and utility payers, again making less affordable to live in our community. I have live in this city 55 years  and cost to live here are getting unaffordable by adding projects such as this.

* I like the idea of a community center where kids/adults could play basketball and other sports especially during winter months.  It would depend on the cost of the project.  I think community activities that are well publicized would be great.  The more we can do to revitalize downtown with Friday/Saturday night activities….bands, events, etc. would be great…..once everything gets figured out with COVID.  Thanks

* In my honest opinion, a community center is a great idea.  The possible use of a community center is something that has been needed for years. 

* I think it’s a good idea to repurpose a community building to create something good for the community center.  

* I’d love to have a community center available for use by the public as long as it is not cost prohibitive like Sullivan Square is.  It’s ridiculous that our tax payer money (residential & business) are used to build a facility that none of us can afford to use.

* It depends on what kind of center.  A meeting room with a kitchen that people.could rent out of birthdays, weddings receptions and such, yes definitely.  Another gym, no. I do not think a gym center would be utilized and there are already other options and I would hate to see the city compete with an established business. 

* I think it would be great for families. The Baldwin Community so far in my three years here seems solely focused on senior or retired generations. There are far more families that do not get the opportunity to enjoy Baldwin due to lack of activites and center with the family and youth in mind. I love the idea but would hope the city could find a grant to help fund instead of the costs being charged to residents. We already pay outlandish rates for gas,water,electric. While on the recommendation idea, how about a real grocery store with better cost and product? Best value frozen vegetables should not cost $3+ for a product that can be bought at your local Walmart or Dillons for $.99-$1.50. Small communities are wonderful but our conveniences are stripped. Just another thought to consider for our growing small town. Thank you for allowing us to provide feedback. I sure hope another grocery store is in the works.

* I walk by the old gym so often and hope it can be turned into another community gem like it used to be!!  Baldwin is such a unique town with great offerings, but is in need of a space for older kids to hang out in a safe space.  Am very much for this and any help that is needed to facilitate it further.  Appreciate all that has been done to make Baldwin better, we love it here and look forward to more improvements in the future!!  Thank you!!

* A community of this size needs a place that groups can gather at a reasonable cost. An open area with running water, perhaps some kitchen facilities, tables, chairs. Keep it simple to keep rental price down.

* While I understand the concept and intention is a positive one, I feel I can’t support his because of the tax burden it would add. I do not think it would be worth the funding needed. We have plenty of school facilities and green space for community use, don’t we? That building would require major financial commitment to restore it to a usable condition. I used that building for my wrestling program for about 10 years and I know it needs a lot of attention. I think our community at this point is better off saving its finances for other causes. I would definitely need to know more of the detailed plans for the building before supporting it. A “community center” is not enough information for me.

* The gymnasium was essentially dumped on taxpayers.  The Bauer children couldn’t afford it, so they claimed to donate it.  They benefited themselves.  The building is in such poor shape and possess such a horrible design, they’d have never been able to sell it.  Their ‘turkey’ became taxpayer’s money pit.  Don’t try to fool anyone.

Enough of the spending on vanity projects to pander to a tiny minority of oversized voices.  Taxpayers care about service and infrastructure.

They did not want the highway rest stop- designed downtown park.   An embarrassing waste of retail, property tax producing land.  Just poor judgment.

The south end of the city has been noticeably neglected.  Abandon almost.  The city is overlaying The newest north-end streets ‘again’?  Seriously?   Renovate the historic brick streets - the best return on investment in history.  Sidewalks, rain off guttering, aligned straight streets, buried utilities.   Strengthen the old town overlay architectural requirements, ban dump trucks full of rock in front lawns to make cheap driveways and tank adjacent property values. 

The last thing on taxpayer’s minds is another $1 million on a vanity community center with virtually zero functionality.   

If the mill levy goes up next year, the public will be furious…….  while none of the basic projects are even discussed.

* We have needed a community center for  years! Get it done!

* The more facilities we have available, the better.

* Love the idea.  Would like to see as much of the building carefully restored as possible in the process, though!

* I think a community center is a great idea and can really bring the community together as a common place for gathering depending of what it is turned into. I feel like a community center is what Baldwin is truly lacking. 

* I think it’s a fantastic idea, if it’s done right. Has to have the right combination of facilities to meet the population. Look at El Dorado KS YMCA as an example to emulate.

* Exercise opportunity- and a good place for community to gather.

* I don’t like the idea for many reasons, including the funding it would take to have one.  

* open play area for kiddos when it’s too hot, too cold or raining. 

* I think it is a good idea and feel strongly that our existing community resources, like the library and Lumberyard, should be at the planning and decision-making table.

* I think a community center is a good idea. The school gyms are great but they don’t have a lot of accessibility for residents. I’d especially like to be able to take the kids somewhere to get some exercise in the winter and get some exercise myself on a walking track etc. I think more group or organizational needs could be met at the library. 

* I would rather see the money spent on a new park.

* Will it raise taxes? What kind of things would go on there? Would it cost to use the building? Need more information about the idea.

* Programming for older adults (exercise, nutrition, health lectures, etc.)

* I’d love to see more activities and functions for the community to participate with. Dances, socials, and bingo! 

* I think it would be a great idea. Not a very big space, but I am sure some one with ingenuity and getting input from the community could make it a nice exercise and meeting facility.

* I love the idea of a community center.  We have been members of the Olathe Community Center for the past several years prior to moving here, and would love to have something like that here with indoor workout, basketball and event facilities.

* Yes. Community centers promote good health and physical fitness. They allow the exchange of ideas and information. Community centers present opportunities of social interaction.  Com centers strengthen the urban fabric of cities by bridging the gap between neighborhoods, housing developments  and multi family dwellings.  Community centers break down the socioeconomic  divisions that exist in all cities. Most importantly community centers have the intrinsic ability to make children smile. 

I think it would be a great idea to have a safe place for kids to hang out. I would also like to see different classes/activities for younger kids (12 and under). Hopefully everyone gets on board and we can get the old building restored!

* I think it’s a great idea. Another way to bring the community together and keep the buildings in town active.

* I think it’s a good idea for the community. A community center encourages healthy lifestyles and provides something families can do together. 


* I like the idea of a community center. I hope that it would be used for all age groups offering various activities.

* I think it’s a great idea as long as residents had to pay little to no charge for its use. However, I would not like to see the project move forward if it takes away funding for current projects ie Baldwin Library and those like it. 

* Make sure that this does not take away quality in other places that need to be paid for or maintained. How will this community center be paid for is a big question. Is this building really the right place for it? Wouldn’t a newer or bigger building offer more options like workout facilities or a lap pool? These are my questions. Thanks for asking for opinions. 

* Yes. But I’m still unclear about why it can’t be an office for the Rec center. 

* A community center would give families a place to participate in activities together. 

* I need to have more information about you plan for this building.  Explain what it contains and for what age groups.  And activities??  Cost??  Does the city have this kind of money?  How about fixing sidewalks instead? 

* A community center would be great for our youth as a safe place to gather and exercise.

* Yes.

* Great for a place for kids to spend time.

* Yes - more opportunities for families and teens to safely socialize, take classes and participate in healthy activities would be a positive for our town.

* Yes, I think that having a community center offers our citizens healthy outlets for physical activities which in turn generates healthier, happier people.

* A comm. center would be great.  Its hard to get practice in the schools and your at the mercy of school schedule, events, ect.  Having a center would be well used.

* Need central location for community activities.

* Even tho I don’t live inside the City limits of Baldwin. I think a community center would be great for the kiddos to play all sorts of games, especially in the winter. 

* It would be great to have so our kids have somewhere to go rather than running the streets. 

* I believe Baldwin needs one really bad!! Eudora has one that you can rent rooms if you need to for like parties or whatever and they also have the rec center that uses their community building as well.  I love Eudoras community building. Its very nice and has all kinds of activities kids can do through the rec center part of it!!  It even has a gym and excersize room.  They also use the building for before and after school kids through the rec center.  So I believe it would be a huge help for the community and benefit as well.  Instead of always finding a spot at the library for parties that someone might want to use for a birthday,  the community center would be wonderful for that as well.  It would be nice to have more room and activities for kids to do!  Like exersizing and table tennis maybe and whatever would be decided to go in there.  

* If there is going to be a community center, there needs to be activities, classes etc for all ages so the whole community can benefit from this project.

* I think myself and my children would love to have a community center available depending on the amenities included.

* I think it would be wonderful for Baldwin to have a community center, I am just not thinking that the timing is particularly good at this time. Given the complexities that are resulting from Covid, it seems ill advised to take on a large and expensive remodeling of a facility that may have numerous limitations to it’s usage for public health reasons at this time.

* This is something that the city has needed for a long time. 

The city has had two plans done in the past.

* I definitely think we need somewhere our kids can safely hang out and do activites not associated with just sports. And more activities for 50 and older.

* I think it’s a good idea.  Currently the city has a lot of debt.  The amount spent on the police dept and other city projects makes our taxes already too high.  

* I think it would be a great idea. I would love to see that old gym kept up as it was where we practiced so much cheerleading in the early 2000s. We hope to move back closer and would love to support a center more local near grandparents.

* Yes, and excellent idea! Better then a dog park or a walking trail or disc golf area. I don’t live in Baldwin but I do a lot of shopping and spending money in the community! My kids and grandkids live in Baldwin so I’m there a lot!! It’s a beautiful town! A place where many can gather with something for every age would be worth it!

* I love the idea of a community center! My kids are reaching driving age, and I hate to think of them traveling to surrounding towns/cities for entertainment! 

* No 

* I’m not sure what is being proposed, outside of what is currently provided by the rec, library and arts center - I am interested in hearing more about the specific plan, programming, etc.

* Would give them something more to do than sit in the high school parking lot 

* How much will it raise my taxes?  Would it be used often and for many years to come? I’ve seen towns with community centers that are never or rarely used.  What happens to the building if that happens here? 

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