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Historic Bauer Building Project

Posted on: August 27, 2020

Results: 2nd Community Center Survey

graphic display of results for community center survey 2

There were 175 total responses to Community Center Survey 2.

graphic display of results for community center survey 2

Do you have other ideas for funding?

Note: These responses were pasted exactly as submitted. They have not been edited.

* I know some people in town have the means to contribute as a tax deductible contribution.  That may get some money for the project.

* This is not the right time to get additional funding from your citizens. 

* I don’t support the Bauer Building becoming an undersized recreation center - a one use at a time facility. I definitely don’t support an increase in property tax. I also don’t care for an increase in our sales tax but at least it allows all who buy to share in the funding. My preference for funding is through grants/fundraisers. I think we need greater diversity in our thinking on how to use this building. How does this project fit into the overall city development plan? 

* No increase in taxes!

* Would rather see lower sales tax and use grants and fundraising. Give people a chance for tax-deductible donations to keep the true spirit of. Community building. NO property tax

* No new taxes at a time when families in our community are already struggling to pay bills. 

* Grants or Self-funded.  Please look at grants before raising taxes.  There really should be a question on here that says, "Are you willing to raise taxes in order to fund a community center?"  That question is conveniently left off.  Makes it seem like this is going to happen whether we want it or not. 

* Ask for donations

* I am in favor of a community center, however I don’t feel the old gym will allow enough space and I don’t feel that putting money into the old gym to restore it is a good use of tax dollars. 

* Any grants available. Bringing revenue in from competitive sports practice time. Using it as an event space for revenue. Adding 25 a month to city bill so everyone can be a member.

* Sales tax makes sense as a funding source.  Half cent would make our sales tax more in line with surrounding communities.

* Does the city own land that could hold wind turbines? Can we begin a compost pickup or dump? Maybe sell the goods? 

* CBDG Funds from the State of Kansas.  Other grant funding.  Donors for the naming rights (preferably Baldwin families).  

* I do NOT support a tax raise in order to fund a community center.  If it cannot be done through existing finances, then it is not financially responsible to pursue.  As a community, we cannot predict the financial impact of not having the Maple Leaf festival nor the Polar Express events.  To ask taxpayers to pay MORE in taxes in the midst of very unsettling financial times, is unreasonable.  It may be more than a year before we begin to really feel the financial and economic impacts of the current pandemic.  It would be wise to be patient and give our families and community time to recover from the current economic situation before asking them to fund something they may or may not be able to use.  

* SO BASICALLY youve already decided to go ahead and do this with out fixing the infrastructure that you need to fix first like the curbs that are crumbling to dust in front of my house. Please dont spend more taxpayer money on unnecessary infrastructure until you can learn how to properly manage and care for what youve chosen to be in charge of now

* The same grants that were gotten for Midland, the dog park and the trail

* I dont believe the citizens should have an increase of any sort. We should be required to pay if we use the event room.......a Reasonable amount I think a roller rink would bring more revenue to the city and a small community center but not in the old gym that would cost thousands to repair before you could even make it a community center. The old Kwik shop would be an excellent place with room for an addition which would be more cost effective. The citizens are tired of johnson county skyrocket prices for this small town 

* Optional monthly “membership fee” for those who use the center. 

* We are wellsville city residents, but USD348 is our district. I don’t know if/how my taxes would be effected by this so I don’t want to weigh in on a topic that may not effect me.  However, our family considers Baldwin City our home city and we would love a community center and would gladly spend our money to use it!!!

* Indoor track and soccer field.  I am not in favor is using the old gym but building a new facility.  It is sad that we have to drive to Lawrence or Johnson County for an indoor rec center.   Combination of sales tax and property tax makes sense.  You could use the old gym as a museum but let that be done by a group like chamber of commerce or a private org not the city.  Just given them the property for free.  We need sidewalks especially along High Street surprised no one has been hit by a car with no sidewalk and how fast people drive down that road.  

* Are you going to charge a membership fee like the last proposal? Let the people that can afford to go there pay for it. Not the family’s that won’t have the money to belong to the club.

* Please do not raise my taxes!! Please! I’m begging you. No more taxes!

* User fees for premium use(Weights and a workout facility).

* Can we explore grants or donations maybe for funding? In town gets taxed quite a bit already.  My family and I have already thought of having to move out of town due to the cost, if it keeps rising I’m afraid families won’t be able to afford it here. 

* Are there any grants that help support small towns and activities?

* Private, fundraising. Will not support yet another tax or mill. We’ve got to pay for existing projects.  Also, how did you come up with 1/2% or 4 mil? We don’t need JoCo Rec center. We need space for latchkey kids and basic courts. We already have a pool and meeting spaces.

* I would say a classic community center would be good with a arcade  style game room that could make some money for the city as well as a tabletop gaming room where the community can use artistic skills to build scenery for tabletop gaming and maybe a Cafe with a stage for standup and improv as well as a recording studio for up and coming community stars all this at a fee of course and maybe a comic/gaming store/museum where collectables can be purchased! Gaming does bring others closer it is good revenue it would create jobs with a wide array for all skills it could bring people of all ages/classes and races together!

* As I said during the first survey, I will support this project only if it does not expand to include trails, golf course or other improvements. 

* Please avoid sales tax, this places undue burden on low income families, even though there may be a benefit during large events like maple leaf. 

* I assume a sales tax increase will benefit the community as anyone that travels to Baldwin will help pay. 

* Pull tabs (not sure if legal in Kansas)

* Property tax increase, although not sure community supports this. 

* NO TAX INCREASES! Until the USD348 school district is able to fully support and teach our kids in person, I am not for any additional tax increases. Our community has been hit really hard this year.  I am for finding foundation money from donors.  Until this happens, this project needs to be put on hold.

* Grants grants grants

* I do not support a tax increase. Pay per use is the fairest way to go.

* Grants, corporate sponsors, volunteer labor (like the LAC used for renovations.)

* Fundraising event, t-shirt sales, auctions, donations, sponsorships, fundraising raffle, ticket/raffle sale for a chance to win $10,000 or 50/50 potluck, walk/run/bikeathon, grants

* Grants

* Some funding options:  []( , Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program – Rural Communities, Waste Management Charitable Giving. You could also charge a small monthly fee for membership, based on family income. Charge fees for programs at the center, etc.

* Any other way to fund! If you keep raising taxes you will KILL the city! Most low income family’s such as mine can not afford these constant price hikes! If the continue to rise we will have no choice but to move. 

* No new taxes right now.  We have current issues that need tax money. It is not being responsible to the citizens to spend money for new projects at this time. 

* We should find cost savings in the current budget.  We can cut the Community Development Director and use those funds towards the community center.  We can also end the Neighborhood revitalization tax abatement so that new residents can pay their share of taxes.  

* For many years I have envisioned a rural community center. Baldwin, Wellsville, Edgerton, Eudora. I believe we can do this without raising taxes, and supply transportation to all. A self sustaining endevor.

* No new taxes.

* No new taxes

* Donations from local businesses! 

* I don’t know what 4 mil property tax means. Baldwin residents are taxed enough and utility and property rates are already so high it makes it almost unaffordable for some families to stay in Baldwin. I wish I knew of other funding options.

* Use the community building to host an after school program 

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